About Us


First-Generation Family Farm In 2015, our dad, Guido Gil, decided to begin a market garden and sold his first harvest at a farmers' market. Today, Urban Fresh Farm is a group of family-owned organic farms that continues to grow our families and encourage a better relationship with nature, food, and agriculture for everyone involved.



Our Community At Urban Fresh Farm, our priority is the community. We want to make sure your family has access to high-quality, premium, fresh, organic produce and eggs. Our vision includes bringing families together through agriculture, whether that's through markets, deliveries, restaurant orders, or the farm itself.  From our family to yours, we promise to provide only the freshest organic produce when you need, and where you need it.



Farm Sustainably We offer the season's best produce and eggs to you through local farmers' markets, direct delivery, or at the farm stand. Urban Fresh Farm grows a wide variety of organic fresh fruits and vegetables in Los Angeles County and Ventura County. We strive to connect our customers with farm and the farm lifestyle. It's important for us to be transparent and honest about our production practices and where your food comes from, which is why we're proud to be an organic operation that raises our produce and animals in a sustainable, eco-friendly way.