New Eggs and Herbs!

Welcome back duck eggs

Duck eggs in a basketThey're back! Fresh organic Duck Eggs directly from our farm. Healthier for you than the chicken egg, duck eggs are vitamin-packed foods that are best for baking, but can be cooked just like the chicken eggs.





Quail eggs available

quail eggs in a small basket

Quail eggs are now available! Besides being adorable, they are packed with nutrients and make a great snack. Quail eggs are lighter in flavor than duck eggs and creamier in composition than chicken eggs. There are quite a few other reasons to consider getting your hands on these little gems.


Shiso, the Japanese basil

shiso leavesIt's not very common in Western cooking, but in the world of Asian cooking, shiso reigns supreme. Shiso is a close cousin of Mint, so you can only imagine what kind of kick it has. Each Asian culture has a different name for the plant, and are incorporated into their respective cuisines in unique ways. Check it out today!

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